Estela Franco

Web Performance lover, Jamstack enthusiast and Technical SEO freak.

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  1. Eleventy and Storyblok - My perfect combination

    In this article, I share why I choose this combination, hoping you also fall in love with them.

  2. Building Lightning-Fast Websites with Astro and Storyblok

    In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to build lightning-fast websites using Astro and Storyblok.

  3. How to measure CWVs on SPAs

    One of the hardest questions to answer related to Core Web Vitals is how to masure them in a Single-Page Application (SPA).

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Latest Talks

  1. INP at BCN Web Performance Meetup

    I participated in the Barcelona Web Performance meetup where I talked about INP.

  2. Programar es una mierda - Core Web Vitals

    I participated in the podcast 'Programar es una mierda' where I talked about Core Web Vitals.

  3. State of Web Performance February 2023

    In this session organized by This Dot Media I talked about the State of Web Performance with other community members.

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