Estela Franco

Web Performance lover, Jamstack enthusiast and Technical SEO freak.

Latest Posts

  1. Building Lightning-Fast Websites with Astro and Storyblok

    In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to build lightning-fast websites using Astro and Storyblok.

  2. How to measure CWVs on SPAs

    One of the hardest questions to answer related to Core Web Vitals is how to masure them in a Single-Page Application (SPA).

  3. Hello, World!

    This is my first post in my brand new blog built with Eleventy and Netlify.

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Latest Talks

  1. WPO Workshop: How to identify Web Performance issues

    Practical workshop about web performance that I Taller práctico sobre web performance that I taught for the Mujeres en SEO community.

  2. No Me Da La Vida to talk about Technical SEO

    I was honored to participate in the No Me Da La Vida Podcast, talking about Technical SEO.

  3. SEO and Web Performance: Myths and Truths

    Video and deck from my talk about "SEO and Web Performance" during the SEO Day 2022 in Girona.

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